When trades operate on smaller scale projects, it can be easy to neglect their environmental responsibility, despite the negative impacts their work may have on the planet. Although one small trade company may not have any major effect on the environment, smaller negative impacts are multiplied across the entire industry.

One of the most effective ways of reducing our negative impact on the earth is also one of the simplest – plant more trees. More trees mean: less carbon in the atmosphere; increased rainfall; more wildlife habitats; increased water quality and a cleaner planet. Our company participates in the reforestation of the planet to ensure that we have a positive impact on the climate. 

A Tree Per Fence Post

Makemohr Constructions will donate a tree for every fence post that is set by our team. We keep a record of our material usage and give back to the planet each month.

Encouraging Our Industry

As a construction company working on small-scale projects, we want to encourage other trades to follow in our footsteps.

Restoring Habitats

Planting more trees not only reduces carbon in the atmosphere, but also provides much needed wildlife habitats for local species.

Creating Employment

Our program contributes to the employment of thousands of people by the Ecologi Team. These people plant trees across the globe keeping our planet healthy.

Locations Across the Globe

We plant trees far & wide

The Makemohr Trees Program works in conjunction with Ecologi – an online program that allows individuals and corporations to contribute to solving the worldwide climate crisis.

Ecologi have a range of amazing tree planting partners who are able to responsibly plant millions of trees a month on the behalf of the Ecologi community. 

Ecologi invests our donations into a broad range of projects that are able to evidence that they are reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Each month we support a range of carbon reduction projects that are certified at the very highest level by Gold Standard and equivalent.

The more we build, the more we grow

Our program has successfully given back more to the planet than we have used to construct all of our projects so far. All of our construction materials, electricity usage, travel and general operating requirements have been more than offset by our contributions to our climate projects. 

But we are only just getting started. As our company continues to grow, our contributions will become even greater. We look forward to exploring other climate solutions down the track, expanding our field of influence. 

You can follow us on social media or check our website regularly to see updates on our Makemohr Trees program. If you would like to personally contribute to our program, please feel free to get in contact.  

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Tonnes of CO2 Reduced in the Last 3 Months
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Carbon dioxide matters

Approximately 84% of atmospheric CO2 is related to human activity. This has a negative impact on our soil, oceans, temperatures, wildlife, air quality and health, among others. The construction industry accounts for a large percentage of this human activity.

By reducing carbon content through planting trees, it is estimated that we can reduce 2/3 of all carbon emissions. Maintaining our forests and restoring our natural landscape will make a real difference in reducing climate change.

In addition to planting trees, we focus on reducing our carbon footprint. We do this by making eco-friendly choices everyday such as carpooling, reducing waste, recycling and lowering our use of electricity.