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Specialising in deluxe fencing & retaining, Makemohr Constructions offers unique design and construction solutions in a class of their own. We are serious about fencing.

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Welcome to Makemohr

Are you looking for more than a basic fence? Do you want to add a decorative and impressive feature to your home? Makemohr is your team. Our fences are designed for kerb appeal; standing out among the rest. Our range of deluxe fencing is one of the most effective ways to transform the front of your home or your backyard.

Makemohr is here to disrupt the fencing industry with a uniquely beautiful and inventive style. We believe that a fence should be a feature to a home, rather than a simple boundary. But whether the design is basic and economical, or something more grand, the Makemohr difference is always recognisable.

Introducing the Makemohr Deluxe Fencing Range

The highest quality. The finest materials. The best timber fencing on the Brisbane market. If you want a fence to enhance the front of your home, then look no further.

Keeping things simple

No matter how complex a project may be, Makemohr Constructions will work with you to develop the most practical approach. With our experience in construction management and engineering, we are able to provide a plan that minimises complications and maximises quality. 

We are forward-thinkers, and know what to expect when planning a project. This allows our projects to run smoothly from beginning to end, cutting out the unexpected costs often encountered in construction.

A straightforward project is one where problems are solved before they are encountered. If you want to avoid costly surprises, leave it to the Makemohr Team. 



Affordable yet durable, our standard fencing range is perfect for budget-friendly projects. If you are more concerned with function and less concerned with the aesthetic appeal of your fence, this could be the option for you!


The Makemohr Deluxe fencing range is in a class of its own. If you are searching for a fence of the highest quality and most beautiful design, you cannot beat this range.


If you are searching for something more specific, the Makemohr team can work with you to design your perfect fence. This could be a variation of an existing design or a combination of our standard and deluxe ranges to balance cost with quality and aesthetic appeal.

Expert communication

Our company values communication with clients. We believe this is one of the most important elements in completing a project successfully.

From the time we quote to the time we handover the project, we maintain clear and thoughtful conversations with our clients. Our careful planning and professional experience ensure that all parties are satisfied throughout the entire project.

The Makemohr Team understands people. We know when to listen, and when to offer our expert advice. If you are interested in planning a project, let’s start a conversation.

Quality & service you can trust

Master Builders is the home of building. They are the peak industry association representing building and construction in Queensland since 1882.

As a member, Makemohr Constructions is supported in operating a professional business that delivers superior quality outcomes to customers. They work with us to help ensure that our clients have the best experience possible.

Bryn H.
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Simply brilliant contractors! Michael and Campbell were a pleasure to have working on our site. They listened to what we wanted and delivered exactly that. They did a great job building our new wooden boundary fence and it looks amazing. They were also considerate of our existing landscaping and ensured it was not damaged whilst working around it. Very happy with their work and would highly recommend.
Claire W.
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Makemohr Constructions built a wooden boundary fence for us. They listened to what we wanted and delivered a quality job. They were polite and hard-working. We were super impressed with them and the quality of their work, and highly recommend them.
Ben W.
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Nice guys, quick work, very happy with the outcome and were flexible to changes after doing a site walk to confirm details the week before the job.
Beau C.
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Excellent work. Very happy.
Rohan L.
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Excellent service, easy going and we’re able to deliver custom needs. Happy to use again.
Scott H.
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Guys did a brilliant job, it changed the whole look of the house.

Makemohr Trees

Sustainability Initiative

While large civil construction projects almost always have an environmental management plan, small-scale construction projects can often neglect their environmental responsibility as it flies under the radar. We aim to encourage environmental consideration in small-scale construction projects. In 2023, we have the intelligence to offset this side effect of construction. Our team devotes resources to ensure that our work has a positive impact on the earth.

One tree planted for every fence post.

Trees Planted
Carbon Footprint Offset
Hectares Covered

Built to last

Although we talk a lot about our presentation and aesthetic, we go above and beyond to ensure that our products are durable too. With structural engineering on our team, the longevity of a Makemohr product can be trusted. The strongest foundations; the highest quality materials; the closest attention to detail – that is Makemohr.

We provide expert advice on how to optimise the balance between design aesthetic and practicality. Our team has a great understanding of how your project may be affected by the sun, severe weather events, ground conditions, pests and more.   

About us

Fences can offer homeowners a variety of practical benefits such as privacy, security, safety, concealment, and to establish boundaries. We believe that fences should satisfy two categories of purpose. The first being purely utilitarian, providing the benefits already listed, but the second being for aesthetic appeal. With a passionate desire to bring this to the Brisbane market, we founded Makemohr Constructions in September 2021.

Just because a fence has an important job to do, this doesn’t mean that character needs to be neglected. It is truly amazing what a well-designed fence can do for the appeal of a home or backyard. Starting out small, our purpose is to spread this message and our designs throughout Brisbane and beyond.

While we are motivated to change the aesthetic and quality of the fencing industry, we don’t plan on stopping there. As a small-scale construction company, we wish to promote sustainability. While large civil construction projects almost always have an environmental management plan, small-scale construction projects can often neglect their environmental responsibility as it flies under the radar. As our field of influence grows, we aim to encourage environmental consideration in small-scale construction projects.  

Starting out with just the two of us, we have since expanded our team. This has given us more power to achieve our goals. We are a constantly growing team of highly motivated, young professionals with a desire to create positive change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

We definitely recommend painting any new timber fence. We use high quality treated pine for our timber projects, designed to withstand termites and deterioration. However, the timber is still prone to weathering effects such as warping and discoloration if left unpainted. The paint will increase the lifetime of your timber fence significantly. Makemohr also offers painting of all projects.

If you are going to build a fence between your and your neighbour’s property, you should give your neighbour a letter telling them about the fence, how it will be built and the estimated cost— including their contribution. This is called a notice to fence. You must get at least one quote. If your neighbour thinks the quotes are too high, they can obtain their own quote.

Each neighbour is liable for half the cost of fencing work. However, where one neighbour wants more work done than is necessary for a ‘sufficient dividing fence’ they pay the extra cost.

For example, if your neighbour needs a higher fence to keep their dog from getting out, they should pay the extra cost or provide extra materials and labour to build the fence to the height they need it above what is ‘sufficient’ for your needs.

Retaining walls are not classed as fences under the Neighbourhood Disputes Resolution Act 2011. Retaining walls are built to support built up or excavated earth. They are normally not a matter of joint responsibility for neighbours as they are usually benefit one neighbour more than the other. However, QCAT can make orders about fencing disputes that includes work on a retaining wall if the repair of the fence will also require work on the retaining wall.

  1. There should be a ‘sufficient’ dividing fence between properties if an adjoining owner requests one—even if one or both pieces of land are empty.
  2. Usually neighbours must contribute equally to the cost of building and maintaining a dividing fence.
  3. You should not attach anything to a dividing fence that could damage it.
  4. In most cases, issues about dividing fences need to be solved by the owners of the properties. If you are a tenant, unless you have a long-term lease on the land, you should refer queries over a dividing fence to the property owner or agent.

A dividing fence is considered ‘sufficient’ if the fence:

  • is between 0.5 metres and 1.8 metres high
  • is constructed mainly of ‘prescribed material’. This can be:
    • wood, including timber palings and lattice panels
    • chain wire
    • metal panels or rods
    • bricks
    • rendered cement
    • concrete blocks
    • hedge or other barrier made from vegetation
    • other material that fences are ordinarily constructed from
    • can restrain the type of livestock grazed on either neighbours’ adjoining pastoral land.

It is also ‘sufficient’ if you and your neighbour agree it is, or QCAT decides it is sufficient. (QCAT takes into account specific factors such as the types of fences found in the neighbourhood.)To work out what makes a sufficient fence for your circumstances, start with what you need to divide the properties—for example, a short chain wire fence may be decided to be sufficient, but if one owner wants more, then they pay the difference.

To help make your pool fence or barrier compliant:

  • replace, tighten or adjust the hinges on your gates
  • ensure the pool barrier height is at least 1200mm from bottom to top
  • trim back any vegetation or branches that a child could use to climb over the pool barrier
  • shield or remove climbable objects within 900mm of the pool barrier
  • install fixed security screens on windows that open into the pool enclosure
  • remove climbable objects from the pool barrier and surrounding areas.

Makemohr Constructions offers expert fencing design and construction. We are happy to discuss options with our clients and develop the best solution.

All of our services can be found on our services page. If you have any questions regarding a specific service, please don’t hesitate to contact us!




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